By Maryfer Garcia,

Chisholm Trail High School

There is an expression that goes “food is life” which means that food is something vital that we need to survive. Food is what fuels us and to some, it is used as a reward after a hard day of work. Many people use food to recognize big accomplishments like at parties where important events are celebrated. A special treat should be recognized for going to compete at state for Youth and Government. Participating at state is not something that can be done leisurely are it requires much time to prepare and has many challenges, for that reason competing is an important event that should be commemorated.

Some students are looking forward to the banquet because it is their first time at such an event. The banquet is a place to dress to impress but still have a good time enjoying the new environment established. From the fashion to the aesthetic, to the food there is something to look forward to. Some first-years are looking forward to “I’m expecting this loud dinner party, nothing much” First-year Emma Bojnoch said. ”I’m expecting casual like no one’s really going to care.” Likewise, many first-years are in the dark about the banquet and have high expectations for the food. “I hope there’s good food.” Gabriel Lawrence said. “Because I’m hungry.”

Second years who have been exposed to the banquet food have not had such high expectations about the food. It has had a mixed review from some people saying the food did not live up to the expectations to others saying they appreciated the taste. “First year we had some sort of chicken bake.” Second-year Hannah Coleman said. ”And I kinda just picked at it.” The different accommodations have made some people favor the food more. “I think it was really nice.” Third-year Andrew Quinones said “I mean there’s a lot of accommodations for different religions, different food sensitivities, vegans. I myself would know because I’m religious, but yea the cheesecakes were really good.”