By Kaitlin Buck, Veterans Memorial High School

All around the world people have learned to grow and express themselves through fashion, and that was no different at the YMCA Youth and Government District Conference at Akins High School on Saturday. Fashion has become a big part of the newest generation and has grown as a whole within a short period of time. Due to the uprising sense of fashion we have adapted, people have grown to do more with it than just the usual.

An example of what’s been done these past couple of years that makes fashion so unique is that we have crafted multiple trends such as monochromatic, camo, neutral colors, and many more! Not only has fashion expanded within clothing, but it has also expanded within costumes that are now being put together as everyday pieces. At the rate the fashion industry is going, everyone will be trying to figure out and keep up with trends for the foreseeable future.

Many different fashion sources were on display at Akins. “I knew I had to dress formally today,” said Owen, a student at Dalacin Science Academy, “so I picked out the best suit in my closet. “Sadly, I didn’t have any formal shoes, so I went with Balenciagas.” He also stated that his favorite fashion trend was baggy pants, which is a very big trend in the fashion community at the moment.

Most young millennials these days get their fashion sense from Social Media. When they see  prominent people and celebrities such as Kylie Jenner or Justin Bieber, they are easily influenced by their style and want to follow along. People will see what they wear and will reflect and try to do the same. These people make big impacts in our community, when people see outfits they are wearing they always want to follow along. Kylie Jenner, a couple of months ago, started wearing baggy pants with Jordan Dunks. Now everyone does the same, and she is what they call a fashion trendsetter. All in all, what we’ve seen today has helped us gather evidence to support our claim on the fashion industry. Fashion has helped so many people in today’s world.