By Piper Watson

North Central Texas Academy

First-time Youth and Government delegate Emily White has been chosen to speak on the floor in the senate today because she has written an outstanding and debatable bill. She is confident in her research and information and knows the subject well. Emily’s bill is about restricting the use of long-barrel firearms within a city with a population exceeding 250,000 people. She wants to assist in declining the number of deaths caused by these hazardous guns. Emory Miramontes believes that “it will accomplish a safer Texas because gun ownership is already something that is heavily prevalent in Texas. Restricting that to not include deadly and injury-prone weapons can really help make the streets of Texas safer and make us in society feel safer.”

Emily’s bill has incredible, thought-through points about how if these guns are restricted they can be used for their original purpose so Texans can feel safer when going out. Some of the con speakers addressed points such as how it violates the second amendment, that people have the right to bear arms, which is simply not true. She is not depriving anyone of their rights because guns are intended for self-defense and hunting, not shooting innocent and unlucky bystanders who are just trying to enjoy their day. Emory decided that she agreed with Emily and wanted to support her by speaking for her bill during the pro and con section. She “really believes in gun ownership laws that make sure that the people who are owning guns are supposed to be owning guns. Gun ownership should be restricted to those who need to own guns because frankly, not everyone on the streets should own a gun. She believes that Emily’s bill will really help Texas restrict that in a way that she feels does not violate the second amendment or the rights of the people.” Overall Emily did an extraordinary job at presenting and passing her bill in committee, so let’s hope that she does the same today on the floor in Senate.