By Tierra Jackson

In Hyde House, Sarah McNeely’s bill was not passed by the Legislative press this morning.

McNeely’s bill was on an act relating to allowing minors in the state of Texas to obtain a judicial bypass without parental notice and consent. Her overall bill had eight questions that were asked during her question and answer period. There were two total opponent judicial bypasses that were not passed and zero proponent amendments for the bypasses.

Following that, this bill was created for underaged girls to receive permission to get an abortion only by obtaining it by a state of Texas judge. They would not have to worry about being judged or discriminated against in result of having an abortion.

The girls would be offered to take part in the Janes Due Process to help benefit them and their future. This process is a confidential fall back plan for teens that provides free legal representations for those who have decided to do the abortion.

By implementing the judicial bypass, fewer girls would be giving birth as teenagers. McNeely’s law is to benefit young girls in Texas and give them options on what they decide to do with their unborn babies.

Meanwhile, McNeely plans on working hard to get her voice heard on her bill so it will one day be passed and benefit the future.

“I believe girls should have open options in their life,” McNeely said.