By Meghan Wright

In Round Six of County Court trials, Senior Attorney of the Midland Delegation, Miles Baker, took an unorthodox approach in objecting to the entering of Defense witness Sydney Tate as an expert witness in County Case 2018-12345.

“Your Honor, the opposing counsel is attempting to enter Dr. Sydney Tate partially on the grounds of her being involved with multiple traffic associations. I am a member of the NRA, yet I don’t own a rifle. I have conducted experiments with a potato battery but I am not an expert in potatoes. The opposing counsel has not demonstrated the necessary three out of five of the requirements to enter a witness as an expert”

Baker’s objection to the Defense’s move to submit Tate as an expert witness was sustained. Baker confirmed that he has made that specific argument before with success.

“I used this argument in the second round as well. I must say that it took the opposing team by surprise but it worked” said Baker. “There’s a lot of things you can do with the rules of evidence and with witnesses. There’s a lot of loopholes in the rules of evidence that can be used by anyone.”

Baker cites his anecdotal objection as a useful and strategic tactic for discrediting witnesses and building a case for his team.

Baker is regarded as an “intelligent and quick-witted attorney and person in general” by his co-counsel, Jeanna Baker. Baker is the lead, veteran attorney of his team.

The Midland Judicial Team has won the verdict in each of their Rounds in County Court. Baker did not wish to comment about their wins prior to official documentation being put out by the State Office.