By Katherine Funderburg

Abel Macias of Mansfield Timberview high school YMCA delegation came prepared today to get his bill through the Senate right after lunch.  

Macias’s bill was an act regulating the capacity of ammunition held in gun magazines. A gun magazine is a chamber for holding a supply of cartridges to be fed automatically to the breach of a gun. The state of Texas shall stop the sales of magazines with a capacity of more than 15 bullets. However open carry will still be enacted, with little to no change.

“This bill could potentially shrink the size and frequency of mass shootings,” Macias said, revealing the goal of this bill.

This bill was created in response to the very serious issue of mass shootings in Texas. This was meant to protect Texan children and adult lives alike. There are thousands of mass shootings in the United States every single year, and Macias thinks it high time that something was done about it.

It was not completely smooth trip: one senator attempted to quickly get everyone on to vote “nay” as to not waste time by sending this bill back to the house to only come right back, and move quicker on to other bills. Many senators pointed out there were many loopholes throughout the bill, that lead to this bill not passing from the Senate floor.

As Macias said, it is time for common sense legislation to stop mass shootings like Sandy Hook, and there are many other cases on mass shootings, but not this piece of legislature.