By Saron Elias

Garland High School


Youth and Government collects students from all around the state, allowing them to come together as a group to compete, learn from each other, and show their skills. However, delegates tend to hesitate when it comes to meeting others, despite this rare opportunity to meet fellow delegates from across the state who have a similar interest in government. One group of students, however, traveled outside of their bubble to create new connections.

As game night commenced on Friday night, students set off, ready to explore the different activities. While some students rushed to the karaoke station, others flocked to the board game section. Seated on the floor amongst the chaos was a group of about 10 playing with a deck of cards. When asked what game the group was playing, delegate Lizzie Bobzien stated that the group was playing “B.S”. The group had formed spontaneously through delegates inviting others to join the game. Bobzien stated that she’s “never met [these] people before” and that they had simply gone around the board game section, asking if others wanted to play. Bobzien claimed that this game night was “a lot more fun” in comparison to her previous 2 years. As Bobzien was completing an interview about the group, students around the circle were laughing and having an enjoyable time meeting and conversing with others as they bonded over a card game they all loved.

This group of students playing a simple card game exemplifies the unity that Youth and Government has the potential to create. Although reaching out to others to construct a group for a game of cards may seem insignificant, it signals the start of connections that can continue to blossom over time. This group of students made some new friends that night and formed connections that may continue to grow with every conference they attend. By making small steps to connect with fellow delegates, Youth and Government participants can work towards creating a sense of community across the next generation of government workers in Texas. 

Fellow delegates, step outside of your comfort zone and make connections with those around you. You never know who you’ll find!


Delegates circle up to play B.S