By Sierra Jackson

The vastness of Texas is evident at the Texas Youth and Government (YG) Conference with delegations representing nearly all regions of the state.

Delegate Lauren Graham from Timber Creek High School in Keller, TX is just one of the many. She serves as a judge in County Court for the Youth and Government State Conference. She started YG last year as an attorney in Mock Trial.

“It was my first year doing anything law-related and I just fell in love with it. I thought this year I would try out to be judge ,” said Graham. “I really love it.”

Graham has always wanted to go into law and government as a professional and thought that YG was the place to get real-life experience.

”I’ve talked to a lot of people who are lawyers, and they really didn’t have any law experience until they got to college or law school,” Graham said.”But now, I’m starting out and I already have two years of experience in how a court runs and all the things that go into the government and YG is a great opportunity to get involved.”

Graham judged an intoxicated manslaughter mock trial case today. Graham ruled that the defendant was guilty.

Graham plans to do pre-law and minor in journalism for her undergraduate degree.

“I really am passionate about journalism, especially in my newspaper and my yearbook team,” Graham said. ” But I would also like to go to law school for a foundation.”

After she goes to law school she hopes to pursue a career that will lead her to the Supreme Court.

“Another thing YG taught me is that I don’t really want to be a courtroom attorney. I enjoyed and had a lot of fun doing it but I don’t think it’s the right fit for me,” said Graham.