Registration for the 2020-2021 program year opens September 9.  Student instructions are available here, and advisor instructions are available here. Instructions for parents on how to fill out the parental authorization is here. Before registering, everyone should be aware that on August 21st the State Office announced that the 2020-2021 program year, including District and State Conferences, will be virtual. Check out our blog post to learn more about how this decision was made and what a virtual year in Texas YG may look like.  

NEW Students and advisors new to YG (first year of participation) register at

RETURNING participants will receive links to register from the State Office via email before August 24. These unique ID links will prefill much of the necessary information.  Your unique link will follow the format UNIQUE ID.

If you do not receive or lose this email, you can obtain your unique ID from your club advisor if you are a student or from your Y branch staff liaison if you are an advisor.  Copy the portion of the link in red into your browser, plug in your unique ID, and hit enter.

All registrations should be completed online whenever possible, but a printable form is available for reference. This form as well as the parental authorization form may also be used if students and their parents encounter difficulties with the online registration or parental authorization processes.  You can download Word versions of the registration forms by clicking the buttons below.  You can also access the registration forms via the following Google Drive links:

English Registration Form Google Doc

Spanish Registration Form Google Doc

Printable Registration Form