Student Testimonials

Each year, we survey our student and adult participants after the State Conferences in order to gain feedback on the effectiveness of our program and identify areas for improvement. The input we receive is extremely valuable, and some student voices which reflect the impact of the Texas Youth and Government Program are included below.

“YG was a good experience in which I could learn hands-on about how the government works. I liked that I could encourage my friends to team up and do this together. I also liked that I met others in the program. I had the opportunity to set up our own club.”
“I liked the opportunity to collaborate with students from across the state in creating a newspaper.”
“I joined to get experience and to get a better understanding of how the court system runs.”
“YG provides us with the understanding of the government so we can be able to make informed decisions once we are able to vote.”
“As we learn more about the workings of our government, which is by and for the people, we equip ourselves to fully participate in the system, understanding its relevance to our lives and the lives of our fellow Americans.”
“YG is wonderful opportunity to show off and grow my leadership skills.”
“I joined YG because I love debating and learning about politics.”
“To be a citizen of the United States it is important to understand how the government works. We need to be aware of how the government works so we can become involved as young adults. I first joined the YMCA Youth & Government because I heard about it through a friend. I stayed in the club because I enjoyed the leadership and teamwork skills the club offers.”
“YG is a cool way to learn about our government.”
“I first joined YG because of the government credit but I have returned twice because of the awesome opportunities available and because of how much fun I always have.”
“In the course of human history, the achievements of those in power are foreshadowed by their ambition in youth. To deny an experience to join the future pantheon of America’s leaders would be irresponsible on my part.”