Governor Candidate – Griffin White


Griffin White is running to be your 2021 Texas YMCA Youth Governor. White has goals to increase communication and networking opportunities within each of the districts, as well as across the state. With this, White will strive to coordinate pertinent information and create mentors across different sections of Youth and Government. Through networking and mentorship, White will achieve his ultimate goal of expanding the Youth and Government program in order to bring this unique opportunity to the most amount of people.  Let’s start this decade right, with Griffin White.

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State Affairs Forum- Room 5B Moody Family YMCA-Highland Park High School

By Erin Fleming

Delegates Bella Tiscareño, Sophie Robertson, and Rachel Sobolevitch organize papers before introducing their proposal about the necessity of sexual education in high schools. This was the team’s second time competing in the State Affairs Forums.

Before the first proposal, the delegates were given evaluation forms to fill out after every proposal in order to give constructive feedback and criticism of why or why not they think a fellow delegate’s proposal should be passed.

Delegate Bella Tiscareño peer reviews Delegate Rachel Sobolevitch’s notes about the opening statement. The team is excited to continue introducing their proposal to people. Delegate Tiscareño states, “I am passionate about this proposal and I think it is very relevant in society today,” as they conclude their statements about their proposal.

Delegate Sophie Robertson rises to speak con on the first proposal for the authors Delegate Rodolfo Rios and Delegate Lacy Williams. Delegate Robertson stated valuable claims, which were used in the closing summation.

Delegate Bella Tiscareño, speaks against the second proposal from the author Emily Underwood, regarding the legalization of mitochondria replacement. Delegate Tiscareño claims “mitochondrial replacement needs to be illegal as it is immoral”. Delegate Irvin also spoke con to this proposal.

Delegate Maddison Irvin rises to speak pro on Delegates Tiscareño, Sobolevitch, and Robertson’s proposal. Delegate Irvin states the importance of this proposal to vote pro, which helped the Delegates, because they were able to use her viewpoint, to their advantage in their closing statement.

During the non-debatable question and answer period, the team of delegates listen to a fellow delegates speak pro on their proposal. There was no suggested amendments for their proposal, this team of delegates were “happy with their execution of their proposal.”

Chair Emily Ramsey and Chair Amelia Garcia, sat at the front of the room, keeping time and order to run the proposals smoothly. Understanding the time constraint, appropatly cutting delegates off and mandating the pro/con period of debate from two rounds to one round.

During a five minute recess, delegates read over upcoming proposals, and jot down quick notes helping to decide whether to vote pro or con. Delegate Robertson said, “I enjoy listening to everyone else’s proposal because I think it is very informative and I learned a lot today.”

Delegates Tiscareño, Robertson, and Sobolevitch smiling after introducing their proposal. The team was able to defend their proposal through many tough questions. Afterwords, Delegate Sobolevitch said, “I was pretty nervous for the question period time but I was confident we could defend ourselves.” This was the teams first ever Youth and Government State conference participating in State Affairs.

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Governor Candidate – Vivienne Garner

Vivienne Garner is running to be your next Texas YMCA Youth Governor. Garner is advocating for the Youth and Government program to be improved at every level, from local chapters to the State Conference. This will allow every delegate to have the opportunity to call Youth and Government their family. Garner is planning to do this by renovating chair and clerk training, spreading the work about Youth and Government, providing support for smaller local chapters, and providing scholarship opportunities for delegates. Help her help you, and vote for V.

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Governor Candidate – Kate Schulle

Kate Schulle is running to be your 74th Youth Governor. Schulle whole-heartedly loves her experience with Youth and Government and is running to reverse the hierarchy, putting the power back into the hands of the delegates. By advocating for stronger coordination, greater access to resources, and more time to prepare, Schulle plans to improve the efficiency of the program and growth of all participants. There’s no debate, vote for Kate!

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Awards for Alumni and Community Volunteers!

Are you an alum looking for a way to be more involved with Texas Youth and Government? Or maybe you are a member of a student or community organization? Perhaps you and your colleagues would like to find a fun activity that the team can do together? Well, look no further! Texas YG has flexible volunteer opportunities at our annual High School State Conference January 31, 2020 and February 1, 2020.

Sign up on our volunteer page here and make sure to provide the Texas YG alum name or organizations’ name when asked, “How did you hear about this volunteer opportunity?” We will recognize an alum who refers the most volunteers to the State Conference as well as the organization that brings the biggest group of volunteers to State Conference.

If you have questions about volunteer opportunities or would like us to present to your group at a future meeting, please contact our Program Coordinator, Breanna Tuck, at [email protected]

We hope to see you and your friends in January!

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Answers to Questions About the Judicial Case

Thank you to all the advisors and students that sent in questions in regards to our Judicial Case this year. And what an exciting case!  We cannot wait to see the Trial and Appellate Court teams in action this year at the State Conference!

We successfully collected answers to all of your questions. You can review these questions and answers Here. The case materials have also been updated to reflect necessary changes. Please take a look at the updated versions of the Trial Case and Appellate Case as you continue to prepare your arguments.

If you continue to have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our program coordinator, Breanna Tuck, at [email protected] Happy studying and we will see everyone in just a couple more months!

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Meet Our JYG Officers: Part 3

Today, I present you the last JYG officer profile. See below to learn more about our Junior Youth Lieutenant Governor, Taya Thompson ’24.

Junior Youth Lieutenant Governor Taya Thompson ’24

How long have you participated in YG? The upcoming year will be my third year.

What is your favorite thing about participating in YG? My favorite thing about participating in JYG is to learn about everyone’s different outlooks and takeaways on the various topics. It is cool to see how I might think one way about an issue and meet with a delegate that has a completely different perspective on the same issue. Learning about the different viewpoints on problems helps me have a better outlook on the world because I am able to view it through different perspectives thanks to my fellow delegates.

What is your favorite YG memory? My favorite YG moment was right after I finished my campaign speech at last year’s state conference. It felt like all my hard work had paid off and it was really cool to see the speech that I had been working on for months come to life.

What are you most excited to do in your elected position this year? I am most excited to go to all the different committees and get to experience all the debates. I am also excited to help Diya pick out the final bills to pass.

What message would you like to give to first year students in YG? For first year students, my advice is to be super confident in yourself. You have spent months working on your proposal or bill and your time to shine has finally arrived. Put yourself out there and really try to get your point across. You want to get others as excited as you are on your proposal or bill. Even if it may feel a little weird, it is important to put yourself out there because others will want to have the same confidence that you have and will follow your example.

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Happy Giving Tuesday!

Today is #GivingTuesday and there are a couple of different ways that you can support your favorite civics education program! You can always donate to our program here and support one of more than 2,000 students that will attend our State Conference next month. But we know money can be tight this time of year. You just survived Black Friday and Cyber Monday and if you are like my family, you have five different birthdays coming up all in the next three weeks. It is the season of giving but we know donating money can be difficult so this year, we ask that you donate your time.

Our State Conference will take place in various places around Austin, Texas on January 24-25. It is a wonderful opportunity for all of Texas Youth and Government to gather in one space and witness what the delegates have been practicing and working on in their clubs. However, we cannot put on this event for our students without your help. We need volunteers to serve as evaluators and help our delegates have the best possible State Conference experience. We hope this #GivingTuesday you will consider giving us your time and volunteering with us. You can visit our volunteer page to learn more about the different volunteer opportunities. Also, please follow this link to sign up. We look forward to seeing you next month!

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Winner of the second Amazon gift card drawing!

A congratulations is in order for Carmela Lozano! She won the second drawing for an Amazon gift card that we hosted for all of the students that completed the pre-program survey this year.

We want to thank all students that completed our pre-program survey. A total of 643 students completed the pre-program survey this year! We have a little under 3,000 students registered, so more than 20% of students completed our survey!

As I mentioned before, the pre-program survey helps us better understand how the program impacts students and what are the areas that we could improve in. The input we receive from students teach us how we can make YG better for everyone. Thought it may seem small, it is an accomplishment that 1 out of 5 students completed our survey! It is a huge increase from last year and the additional responses allow us to learn more about the impact we have on students from all across the state. Therefore, I want to thank all of our students again for completing our survey!

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