Participate in our Constitution Day Fundraiser and Donate!


Every year, we participate in Constitution Day by hosting a fundraiser to benefit the YMCA Texas Youth and Government program! Constitution Day is on September 17 and was created to honor the adoption of the United States Constitution. On September 17, 1787, 39 delegates from the Constitutional Convention gathered at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and signed a new and revolutionary document that would determine the structure of the American government. Approximately a year later, New Hampshire became the ninth state to ratify the document, making the new Untied States Constitution valid.

Over 200 years later, the United States Constitution remains one of the most important documents in American history and continues to govern how the country is run. It is vital for students to learn about the Untied States Constitution in the YMCA Texas Youth and Government program because this document also decides the rights of states. The Constitution determines whether certain rights or issues belong in the federal government’s or individual state’s jurisdiction. When students create policies to discuss in the state legislature or prepare arguments to argue in front of the Chief Justice, the Constitution serves as the first rule book they turn to with the Constitution of the State of Texas a close second.

Because of the importance of the Untied States Constitution not only to our government, but to our students learning about civic engagement and leadership, it makes sense why we would want to celebrate Constitution Day in style. Please consider making a donation at the bottom of the page here. Your donation doesn’t just support our program, but it supports the learning of our students about just how important our government is and how documents like the Untied States Constitution continue to influence our lives over 200 years later. Please see the video below to watch a message from our 2018-2019 Youth Governor, Sharif Long.

Youth Governor Sharif Long: